Mobdro Download App APK for Android, iPhone & PC

Welcome to the dedicated site to Mobdro Download APK App for Android, PC, and iPhone. Mobdro APK Download App is the best method to watch online TV shows, and we have provided all the official links to get this app at one place.

The use of televisions has been decreasing with time, because of the increasing preference of laptops and other digital gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. We are going to offer you a detailed case study on Mobdro Download APK App Android, iPhone, PC Free. This app is loved by most of the Android users for the incredible features that this app is providing.

This app will be the right choice for those who enjoy watching TV shows on their smartphones. The videos which can be searched in this include plays Live TV features, sports and all the videos that are available on the web.

Mobdro App is provided to you, free of any cost.  With easy to use working, this app lets you search for on-line video content from anywhere you are.

The app comes in two different versions. One version is the freemium one, and the another one is the Premium one. Freemium is entirely free in nature, but you will have some troubles with the annoying ads present in this one. Premium is an optimized version which is devoid of ads and all having excellent efficiency compared to Freemium.

Mobdro Download APK Android App, iPhone & PC

In this section, we will see how to get started with the Mobdro App on your smartphone device and also for the PC. This post has been made so that you can get all the needed information related to Mobdro for Android from one source itself. Otherwise, you may have to keep on visiting different websites for some particular question you have.

Mobdro APK is available in two versions as mentioned before. The freemium version which is free but not devoid of the annoying ads whereas the premium one which is free and the main part is that it is devoid of ads and offers some extra functionalities too.

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  • How to install Mobdro on Kodi?

Again this app is significantly preferred by the users because of the quality of content it offers.

An easy-to-use app, which also comes with the simple installation process. Also to mention, if you need some added properties like downloading videos, some supporting Chromecast features, etc. you may have to purchase the Pro Version of the app which may cost some US $.

Mobdro APK Download for Android:

Unfortunately, Mobdro for Android cannot be directly installed through the official play store. It is not officially available on the Google Play Store yet. Therefore, you need to download the APK first from its valid website ( link will be provided to you below). But before download it, you need to do one simple task. This work is explained in steps:

  1. Head to the Settings feature of your Android device
  2. You will get a lot of options, among them, tap on the Security tab present in it.
  3. Inside it, search for the option ‘Unknown sources’ under the Device Administration. Make this option enabled.
  4. Again a dialogue box appears for the confirmation. Tap on OK.

Now you are all set to install the app.

Then, get the file from the official link to download Mobdro APK. After the file has successfully been downloaded. Run the APK and install it on your device.

So this way, Mobdro App is installed on Android smartphones.

Download Mobdro Premium APK for Android:

We will discuss Mobdro Premium Features by this app you can easily watch live videos on your smartphone without any charges spend on it. Mobdro for Android has a unique function to scan videos from any websites. This app allows you to search all types of videos on any computer, smartphones, tablets etc.

This app contains various languages and genres to watch different videos. Offline videos can be saved on any device with any resolution as per user needs. This app works any Android smartphone with OS version higher than Android 2.2+. It is also suitable for Windows and Android users.

Mobdro Download contains user-friendly interface which allows the user to browse any videos as per their requirements. You can go for free or premium version, where premium APK includes charges to download this app and enjoy their paid service.

Features of Mobdro Premium APK:

Mobdro app will allow you to download various types of movies like Hollywood and Bollywood without using any torrent app. Directly browse your video link from any website and paste in the address bar to download it. Multi-functionality allows the user to download videos simultaneously on your device.

  1. Free download videos and Tv Shows.
  2. Mobdro Premium version contains another feature like cloud share, chrome cast, etc.
  3. Website link works on any platform to download required video for the user.
  4. This app is completely ads free.
  5. You can select limit on how many videos you want to download in each day.
  6. It daily discovers various videos from different websites.
  7. Access recently played videos or bookmark your videos to watch the previous record again.
  8. Watch offline videos after downloading on any device.
  9. Explore your videos with other friends.

Download Mobdro Premium APK App:

This is an advanced application to save your movies directly on your device. Follow below steps to download Mobdro APK on your Android device and use this advanced app to store your videos:

  1. Get Mobdro APK Download file from the official site.
  2. Open your device settings> Security and allow unknown source.
  3. Open your device homepage and click on the app icon.
  4. Now accept and confirm your permission for connecting internet data services.

By using above steps, you can easily download Mobdro Premium APK on Android device. Refresh your mind and download this app which will help you to watch live streaming videos and downloads on your device. Try to verify your internet connection and use this application to explore your videos with friends.

Mobdro for PC Download on Windows 8.1/7/10:

For desktop and your laptop versions of Mobdro, you need to install one additional software. It is not at all a hard task, as you need to install one video player kind of application to use Mobdro App more efficiently.

This video player is, in fact, an Emulator, which will run the videos played on your Android phone. There are a lot of emulators that are available online. We are going to use BlueStacks to serve the purpose as of now.

Following are the steps for installation of Mobdro for PC:

  1. Install the application BlueStacks from this official link. Always try to use correct links to keep your system data safe and virus-free. This software is freely available to you.
  2. Some dialogue boxes appear. In that select the player so that it runs Mobdro App for PC. After the installation ends, click on the icon that has now appeared on the desktop page of your system.
  3. Now install Mobdro APK from the official site and select the option ‘Open with. Bluestacks’.
  4. This will lead to a page that asks for your Google account credentials. This is the official Google mail page. You need to be logged into your account.
  5. You are all set now!

After doing this, you will be able to use the Mobdro app on your desktop device too.

So by installing this software, you are now able to access the Mobdro Download App data on your personal computer also. Some people have this notion that the installation of such emulators is a difficult task. But it is not at all like that. I have explained the steps for getting started with Mobdro for PC.

Also, before installing the emulator, do check your system requirements with the needed system configurations. If they correctly match with each other, proceed with its installation. Otherwise, the system may hang during the installation.

It is important to note that, here we have used Bluestack software. It is not at all compulsory to use the same one; you can use other emulators also. But I would still recommend you to use this one only because it is the best suited of all the available emulators for Mobdro App.

Mobdro for iPhone, iOS, iPad Download:

We have seen so far how to use Mobdro Download for Android and also for the PC version of it. Talking about the iOS version, it is quite discouraging to say that this app is still not available for the iPhone users. It doesn’t matter what iPhone version you are using, be it iPhone 4, iPhone 4s or any tab version of iPad, iPad 2; it is still not available for all the iOS users yet.

The formal team of Mobdro has not yet released the valid app for the iOS users. But for you guys, I have specially researched about the online media players that function the same way Mobdro APK Download works.

The following are some of the choices that you can opt for in case you badly one app that just works the same way as the Mobdro App:

Hotstar – This is video streaming application that has been made available for iOS users too. This application is entirely owned by the Star India Networks. The users who want to watch Live TV programs, Movies or any video content through the network, they can make use of this app as an alternative to the Mobdro App.

As we know Mobdro Download is not available for the iOS users yet, this is one of the ways of solving their problem. It has been made officially available for the iOS users, so now it is possible for them to enjoy watching video contents.

CinemaBox – This app is made available for both Android as well as iOS users. In this app, a lot of extra features have been found compared to the other similar apps like Mobdro. So in all this turns out to be a better choice.

This app is officially available for iOS users. They can just install the application on their device. The app has got only one version of it, and that is the Free Version. This free version includes all the features that are found in any premium copy of an application.

Mobdro for Android Features:

We have seen all the functions that can be performed using the Mobdro Download App. Still making a list of all the features of this app, and the list goes like this:

  • Using this software, we can stream online content and videos that range from pictures, sports, news channels and any other category.
  • Also with providing the facility of watching videos online, we can also download videos online and also save our favorite videos offline too so that we could watch them later. This feature is available in the Premium Version of the software.
  • The best thing is that Mobdro for Android helps in accessing video content for a wider group of individuals of different languages and places.
  • The App also makes an account of all the videos that we have recently played, also the videos which are mostly played. By making such lists, it turns out to be helpful when we are searching the same content.
  • Sharing of the video is also one feature in it.
  • Mobdro APK Download will be continuously updated with the latest content and also the trending ones so that anyone from the world can search it and get the help from it.
  • Using Chromecast with this application, you can also get a wider screen size display of the videos that are being played in the Mobdro Download.
  • As mentioned earlier, the premium version of the app gives you an ad-free experience with sleep timer facility and also many other helpful utilities.
  • It is compatible with many devices like the Android devices, Windows Phone, Blackberry phones.
  • This app is very easy to use and also it doesn’t undergo any software issue which is mostly seen in other applications.

It makes use of latest servers which makes the software all time updated for use.

And the features provided here just make less than half of what the app accurately provides its users. So it would be better, to download the Mobdro App by themselves and have the real fun!

Mobdro Chromecast Download

As soon as we hear the word video streaming, Mobdro TV application is what you get on your mind. We know that the video content is already present for the smartphones and the desktop systems. But what about those, who love to watch online content on the Television Set? We have the solution, and for that Mobdro Chromecast is used. The method of implementation is explained below.

To get started; first, you need to install the Mobdro Download on your smartphone. You can refer the following section where I have explained the procedure step-by-step. For the rest of the operation, read the following process:

  1. Now if you are ready with the application running on your device, you just need the Chromecast device to watch the videos on the TV.
  2. Chromecast is a small device which looks similar to a USB cable, used for displaying video contents from the mobile/any other device to a big display screen like a television through a WiFi connection. The central part of this process is that the system formats of the Chromecast and the application should be compatible with each other. Otherwise, it won’t work properly.
  3. As soon as you get the Chromecast connected to your device, with all configurations set, your Mobdro App will search for the device. As soon as it is found, get linked to the device by putting the necessary password into it. You are done!

This feature is available for the premium version of the app only; it’s free only. Happy Streaming!

Mobdro for Kodi Download

Mobdro has been famous for a while. Now the Kodi software users are also getting interested to use the Mobdro app for their platform, seeing the response of the app is going. The sole function of the Mobdro app has been to search the active content which can be related to sports, plays, movies and all the other categories.

To say about Kodi, it is an open source software that is used as a media player and is available free of cost. Kodi interface allows the users to watch video content via different removable devices.

Using Mobdro for Kodi will help us in displaying a wider range of data, and it will be more fun too!

The steps to follow for installing the Mobdro Download for Kodi:

  1. Open the Kodi software. Click on the SYSTEM tab displayed on the screen.
  2. You will get some 4-5 options under this tab. Among them select the File Manager option.
  3. From the shown choices, select the option Add Source
  4. A dialogue box appears on the screen. Highlight the None tab and type exactly like this,and then select Done.
  5. Select the box at the bottom of the dialogue box Enter a name for this media source and type lvtvv inside it. Select OK.
  6. Get back to the Home Screen of the Kodi. Again select the SYSTEMS tab. Choose Add-ons option.
  7. Among the displayed options, choose Install from the zip file and then select the appropriate name of the source you have entered earlier.
  8. Choose the option and wait for the particular Add-on to be enabled.
  9. Then select the Get Add-ons option. A huge list of options will be given in that. Among the options, choose the AH Add-on repository.
  10. Then select Video Add-ons inside it. Then click on Mobdro option and then Install.
  11. Again wait for the Add-on turned on the message that will be displayed on the screen.

In this way, we have successfully installed the Mobdro for Kodi.

Apps like Mobdro App: Best Alternative to Mobdro

Here in this section, I am going to discuss some of the best alternative apps of Mobdro i.e., Apps like Mobdro for Android. I have got many complains that they don’t like to use this application due to whatever reason so for those readers I have come up with a guide which will surely help them to get some best similar apps.

Cinema Box App:

The first application which came to my mind is Cinema Box for Android app; this is the only application which I can say is better than Mobdro in all terms. This app is also available for iPhone and that too officially, there is no such thing as Premium content in this application, that means, all the media content available on this website is premium and available for free.

I strongly recommend all my users to try out this application as it’s one of the best entertainment application which is currently loved by millions of people all over the world.

Hotstar App:

If you are an avid viewer of Star TV Channel like Star World, Star Plus, etc. then you are surely going to love this application. The official maker of this app has fetched all the content from Star Network and clubbed it into Hotstar Android App. But yes, it still lacks tons of other feature which is provided by Mobdro Online TV, I would not recommend users go for it with the high requirement.

Showbox Android App:

I must say that this app is the godfather of all the Android App which is currently available in this industry, but it’s an old application, and we have not seen any update in a while. Updates are quite slow, and many duplicate apps have also emerged which are harming users smartphone.

Conclusion on Mobdro Download App:

Okey friends, we have now come to an end of the article, I hope we have explained all the articles really very well and we also covered all the topics and subtopics so that you can really enjoy the application.

Overall, I can tell you that one should use Mobdro App as this is the next big thing in the market and users are going to love it for sure. The company is coming up with great updates and fixes bugs regularly so we all the get the best experience.

Thanks for visiting this website and if you are facing any issues on Download Mobdro APK for Android App, iPhone or PC then please let me know about it.