Score Hero Hacks Mod APK & Cheat Download for Android!

Score Hero Hacks Mod APK & Cheat Download for Android!

Check out our new hack tool for your one of the favorite and most downloaded Score Hero game. We bring you an excellence app for score hero hacks for your iOS and Android platforms. With our hack you can control one player of the team and if you are able to avail the necessary bucks and stars then no one will be able to beat you.

This score hero cheat hacker would help you earn legally unlimited Stars and Bucks without much effort. It is an easy to use and an undetectable application that is designed to help you achieve your target easily. So, if you are looking out for a solution that is more powerful than any other app then this is the one to go for.

How to Hack Score Hero – Unlimited Life / Energy / Money

The game struggle is about being the best player. But with our score hero hacked version it would no more be a pain. Our mod allows you to instantly upgrade the career of your hero. You can this tool once or innumerable times for free.

It is easy to use and you don’t have to spend much time on it. All you need to do is enter the desired information and amount of cash or lives that you want and confirm. Instantly, there will be the desired cash lives. You then have to refresh the game to start playing it and if you want more cash lives then you simply have to repeat the process.

Reasons to use our Mod APK

Our mod is packed with innumerable money. Hence, you will never experience problem of less energy or money.

Moreover, it can give a strategic gameplay and quick start to your player’s career. This is a major reason to use the mod if you are searching for a serious gameplay.

There are already 420 levels in fame and more are about to come. If you don’t want to encounter any problem while playing any of the levels then check for our mod. It can provide you all support needed to play the game.

With our hack you can get the score hero unlimited life and score hero unlimited money and energy to dive into an unparalleled mobile soccer experience.

Benefits of Using Our Mod

If you are still not convinces that why our score hero mod is the best one for you, then here check some of the prominent reasons that makes it the best!

  • Our score hero mod apk comes with the guarantee of 100% safety. It is an efficient tool that is absolutely undetectable.
  • This is tool is designed more smartly and hence is smarter and intelligent than the game itself. Hence, no matter how many numbers of times you use it, the game will never be able to detect that you are using cheats.
  • If you want to play your game with a free mind and without any worries then this has to be there with you. It would offer you all the support and make sure that your gaming account is never banned.
  • The score hero game is absolutely incredible. It would offer you with excellent features that give you the opportunity to earn unlimited volume of cash. But then you have to pay some money for this. On the other hand, if you use our premium version of the score hero hack then you will get unlimited energy, money, and life without incurring much expenditure.
  • Using an intricate and complex tool can divert your focus from the game. This can result in numerous losses and failures. But the good thing is that our score hero hack is very easy to use. It is simple, powerful and you can use it with ease infinite numbers of times.
  • The best thing is that this hack is available for free. So, you not get all the power and control needed to win the game and that too for free.

What more can you ask for!

What’s New and Features?

The game houses 420 levels and a lot of scope returning in updates. There have been new updates introduced that can be experienced at the 22nd level, which makes it a more relishing and enjoyable experience. With celebrations, cut scenes in 3D look, it is more wonderful and distinctive game offerings most to try with simple swipe. So, check here some of the amazing features and incredible new additions to this game.

Features of Our Mod

  • With our mod you can easily win trophies, win awards, join amendment clubs, score goals, and even represent your country in the game. This is something really exciting!
  • With the New Score Engine you would be able to gain additional freedom and strategic playing experience than before.
  • Our mod gives you the convenience to customize the look of your players. Yes, it gives you the freedom to customize the look of your hero for a new and fresh feel
  • Animations, Cut Scenes, and Awesome 3D graphics joined with our mod make it an incomparable gaming experience.
  • The game comes with intelligent AI adapts to your shots and passes making every play absolutely different and enriched experience for you. With our mod, you can use such features with ease and have an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • You can even connect the game to your Facebook account using our mod in order to play and enjoy it uninterruptedly and with your highest friends.
  • Our mod allows you to track the leaderboards and Google play achievements and amp to visualize the agencies ranking at the top.
  • Synchronize the progress between distinct devices with Google Play Cloud feature using our mod.
  • Get access to unlimited energy and cash generator.
  • Our mod offer tips and guide to play score her for first time and to play it better.
  • With unlimited money from our mod, you will never be short off money.

Indulge yourself as a player to avail an unmatched soccer experience.

The New Additions

The score hero games announces it new additions as:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited energy
  • Bug fixes

How to Install?

To install the score hero apk in your Android device, you need to follow some steps before you begin the installation. The process is simple and you would be able to do it in just few minutes.

  1. Take your Android device and open the settings.
  2. Browse through the tabs and look for the tab named security.
  3. Click on the security tab to open it and within it search for a setting named. ‘Unknown Sources.’
  4. Enable that setting.
  5. Might be, you have to click on the ‘pill slider’ next to it so that it is enabled.
  6. If there is not pill, then there might be a slider or something else to confirm that the settings are enabled.

With this setting you will be able to enable the installation of files, which you will receive from unknown source. Once you will enable it then it will stay in active mode till you can switch it back off.

Now once the application is downloaded and installed then you have to follow the below instructions in order to use it.

  1. Open the Score Hero app and enter your username.
  2. Now select the platform where you wish to use Score Hero game, iOS or Android.
  3. Connect your account to the device by clicking on the connect button.
  4. Once you are connected then select the amount of money and energy you want.
  5. Once it is done, click on the generate button and make sure that the script finishes work
  6. Verify that you are a human with small survey
  7. Restart your score hero game and enjoy playing it with more power, energy, and lives!

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Pro Tips

Out there are numerous soccer games, but none is quite like the wonderful Score Hero. While most of them focus on making the game as realistic as possible, this one is all about having a strong journey as a player. So, if you wish to stand as a legend at the end of this game then check below some of our tricks, tips, and cheat that would help you way to top the game as smoothly as possible!

  1. Play Your Ball Safe in the Start

Score Hero offers you the chance to begin playing as an ambitious player and definitely you will get a chance to prove your point. But to come out as a team player make sure you play it safe in the start. Soon, you will be super one that your club requires and eventually the first efficient player.

  1. Zoom it out before making a final kick

Once you have gained mastery in playing it safe, the next thing you need to focus on is to be picky with the shots and passes you are about to play. While the default camera would offer you with limited passing options, it is better to zoom it out a little to get enough clear idea of the all the players and the best possible move on the pitch.

  1. Assist others when there is need

Definitely the core focus of the game is about you and your performance. But if you want to stand as a winner in the coming challenging levels then you have to focus also on helping other players. This is important to merit the team play.

No need to become a superstar and start helping others even when there is any need. All you need to do is maintain a perfect balance so that you can put your team as well as yourself to success.

  1. Curve the Shots

While playing this game, one thing you would surely desire is to kick a score on the real pitch. And a beautiful and smart way to do is place a curved shot in the back of net. This is not simple to do, but with curling shots you can make goalkeepers confuse and let your ball hit the mark.

  1. Try to Shoot from the Corner

This game will always put you in different soccer situations. It is you who have to decide to make the most it. So, if you land up in a situation where you find yourself drifting the ball then make sure you kick the ball from a spectacular angle. This would help you a better aim and the goalkeeper will have a difficult time to catch the ball.

  1. Earn Few Money, then Try Earning More

If you are able to play well, then cash will naturally come to you. But as you will approach new levels then this money would not be enough to unlock the premium features. One excellent alternative to earn extra coins is to include watching an ad video once in a while linking your game to the Facebook account.

  1. Avoid Rewinding as much as possible

If you are able to make it good amount of cash then this does not mean that you are all prepared to waste it. Avoid spending it on rewinds. There are more other useful ways to spend the money.

  1. Replay Levels to Win 3-Stars

One good thing about score hero is that it helps you replay the level to earn 3 stars. Unless it is too urgent, make sure you win every level with a 3star and if there is need then replay every level till you earn it.


Q: How would I know my device is compatible with the app?

A: The score hero apk is compatible with iOS platform with devices running iOS 8 and more. For android players, the app is compatible with minimum Android OS version 4.4. If it is compatible then it will be listed on Google Play Store.

Q: Why one player in the game has star above his head?

A: The star above head symbolizes the star player that you have created.

Q: What should I do to zoom in and out of the camera?

A: You may use a pinch gesture in order to zoom out the camera in and out while you are in between a level.

Q: What is the meaning of rewinds?

A: Rewinds enable you to rewind the time back to the point right before you made an unsuccessful shot or pass.


Hacking Score Hero is not simple, but we have incorporated score hero cheat tools that can help you play your game more effectively and efficiently. So, think no more and use our hack tool through the link provided. While Score Hero is a complex game, but with our cheat codes, hacks, and tips you will definitely be able to become the Star Player, the Real Hero!